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Tales of the Dai Li - Avatar Original Characters [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Avatar: The Last Airbender: Original Characters

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Tales of the Dai Li [Jun. 30th, 2013|12:56 pm]
Avatar: The Last Airbender: Original Characters



A series of one-shots focusing on the Dai Li set before, during, and after Avatar: The Last Airbender. OC-Centric with some canon cameos. Not in chronological order.

Because why not?

I just thought I'd share with all y'all. Please enjoy!

(Individual chapter links (to fanfiction.net) and character pictures behind the cut so I don't kill your friends' page)

Concrit would be appreciated, either here or at ff.net!


  1. New Recruit (Alak, Hyun Su) - Agent Hyun Su meets a boy who has no choice but to join the Dai Li

  2. Garden (Alak) - Alak looks after Hyun Su's garden

  3. Meetings (Hyo) - Four times Hyo met Long Feng

  4. Of Course (Hyo) - Hyo's long day just got longer

  5. Pickpocket (Lanh) - How a friendly pickpocket became a Dai Li

  6. Braid (Hyo, Long Feng, the Gaang) - Katara witnesses an oddly domestic scene between Hyo and Long Feng

  7. Earthshake (Chatri) - How the Dai Li recruited a nobleman's son

  8. Pipa Lessons (Mi-Cha, Xiang) - Mi-Cha gets a new music teacher

  9. Manhunt (Kidlat) - A graffiti artist organises two rival groups to hunt down a murderer

  10. Mixed Signals (Haru, Katara) - Haru and Katara have been captured and will need to rely on each other to escape. Unfortunately, a rift has grown between them...

  11. Avatar (Hyo, Aang) - Hyo meets with the Avatar about a subject Hyo considers very sore indeed.

(in order of appearance)


Hyun Su







Kidlat/Shi Quan


(Alak, Lanh, and Chatri were commissioned from the lovely Protagonistes, who, last I checked, is currently open for commissions)

(Mi-Cha was a gift -- or a commission, I can't remember which D: -- from the equally lovely Spyridona.)

(Haru was commissioned by BeckyH2112 from Astalythe)